The products of our company are only used for external research, not for clinical diagnosis
New Product
RNase Inhibitor
EndoFree Plasmid Mini Purification Kit
Enhanced Cell Counting Kit-8(Enhanced CCK-8)
Bicolor Pre-Stained Protein Standard (for NIFIS)
Exosome Extraction Kit (Serum&Plasma)
Recombinantly expressed RNase inhibitor in lyophilized form RNase Inhibitor,widely used in RNA research, such as RT-PCR, cDNA synthesis, mRNA protection, in vitro transcription and translation, in situ hybridization and mRNA localization, etc.
RNase Inhibitor
EndoFree Plasmid Mini Purification Kit
Uses a unique silica gel membrane adsorption technology to efficiently and specifically bind plasmid DNA. At the same time, special Buffer P4 and Filtration Columns CS are used to effectively remove impurities such as endotoxin and protein.
Enhanced Cell Counting Kit-8(Enhanced CCK-8)
This kit can be used for the detection of cell proliferation induced by cytokines and other reagents, and can also be used for the detection of cytotoxicity induced by anticancer drugs and other toxic reagentss, or the detection of cell growth inhibition induced by some drugs.
Bicolor Pre-Stained Protein Standard (for NIFIS)
Consists of 9 protein bands ranging from 10kDa to 250 kDa. The 25 kDa and 70 kDa bands were combined with green dye, which is suitable for Near Infrared Fluorescence Imaging System.
Extracellular Vesicles Purification and Extraction Kits
The product is equipped with an ultrafiltration tube, which can not only separate EVs from a larger volume of cell culture supernatant or urine, but also further concentrate and purify EVs separated by SEC column, providing a complete solution for pure EVs.
Featured Service
Primer/Probe Synthesis
·Conventional primer synthesis
·qPCR probe synthesis
·Large-scale oligonucleotide synthesis services
·Trimer primer synthesis services
Gene Synthesis
·Standard service, precise synthesis, accurate sequence
·More than one hundred skeleton carriers are provided
·Fast high throughput platform at an affordabl e price
Vector Construction
·High throughput, low cost construction technology
·Gene synthesis and vector one-stop construction
Peptide Synthesis
·Custom economical rapid peptide synthesis
·Peptide library construction
Protein Expression and Purification
·Four types of protein expression platforms
·E-coli,Mammalian cell,Yeast cell,Insect cell
·Codon optimization techniques
Custom Antibody Services
·Polyclonal antibody customization
·Monoclonal antibody customization
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